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Our Mission & Founding

Our mission is to redefine excellence in the construction industry. Rooted in a journey that began with humble origins, we have evolved into a dynamic force, specializing in various construction segments such as food and manufacturing facilities, HVAC, cold storage construction, roofing, and commercial tenant improvements.

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Rafael Gutierrez
Founder & President

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Our Founding

Driven by the vision of our President and General Manager, Rafael Gutierrez, a distinguished USC alumnus with nearly 20 years of diverse experience, we aim to deliver more than just construction projects. We aspire to leave a lasting impact, ensuring that every client is not just happy but fully satisfied with our work. Our mission is to provide the best price and service, leaving no project too small and no client without our dedicated attention.

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What We Offer

In every endeavor, our goal is clear – to deliver the best outcome, leaving the affected area as if we were never there, achieved through meticulous organization, planning, and the highest quality work. At All-American Construction Solutions, we are not just builders; we’re partners in your success, committed to transforming visions into reality.

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We Understand Our Clients

We go out of our way to understand each project and client fully to ensure a successful project outcome.

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We Work for You

You are the client. We aim to ensure every client is happy and completely satisfied with our work.

HVAC contractor installation of heating and cooling ducts

We Deliver the Best Outcome

Our goal is to leave the affected area appear as if we were never there through organization, planning, and quality work.

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P.O. Box 1793
255 S. Glendora Avenue
Glendora, CA 91740



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